A Twist to Classic Red & Black Dressing

The holidays are just around the corner, with Christmas and new year parties lined up to rejoice and celebrate! These days even holiday dressing is kind of a fashion trend with certain dos and don’ts (LOL). Well, I think one should wear whatever he or she is comfortable with and is confident about. One of the color combinations which is rampant during the season is red and black. This classic color combo has always been a staple during the holiday season, parties and of course Valentines since ever and I would admit never been my favorite. I love white and black but red and black not so much.

So, I decided to take a plunge and add some twist to the classic red and black style. Because I rarely wear this combination I really wanted to bring out a different kind of touch to the whole look. Hence, playing with accessories and finishing touches were the best option!

I chose this bright red military button blazer which is almost 5 years old and still my favorite. I paired it with black palazzo pants and a wine color shirt to bring a different layer of color to the whole style. Now for the finishing touches, I wore big gold hoop earrings and a big hair bow. The hoop earrings, bow and military button blazer brought a vintage twist to the style and something I would love to try in real life for a dinner party or a formal dinner date. This look in my words is an amalgamation of vintage girl meets the boss babe style. Boss babe, because there are elements of power dressing in the look like solid pants, blazer, and shirt.

By the way, red color is big right now! So do not forget to add this bright color to your wardrobe.

Style tip: You can opt for athleisure style black pants instead of formal black pants for an edgy and crisp style.

Live & Love,


Blazer – Zara

Palazzo Pants– Jamun Tree

Hoop Earrings– Myntra

Hair Bow– Koovs

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