The Purple Times!

Yes, this is the last look from my color lookbook! Got a bit late in writing this one, because of the festivities. The last color which I can call as the color of the year 2018 is purple. Ultraviolet was declared as the Pantone color of the year 2018 and I thought back then that I should do a lookbook with this one but it didn’t happen because I was expecting and things were busy and so on and so forth. I took out the member of the same family, Purple. I would like to call purple as an IT color because it so striking and unusual┬áto see someone dressed in purple and the times today need purple!

To do my┬ámonotone look I used shades of the purple family! The main highlight of the look is the loose purple faux wrap top paired with a mauve color striped pants. Somehow the pants didn’t picture well and I simply don’t know why? Anyways, the finishing touches were again boho with lots of silver jewelry. A silver-toned banjara necklace, a chain bracelet, silver rings and silver kohlapuris.

The biggest blunder of this look is that I had a mauve color handbag which I absolutely forgot to carry and I realized that after I changed my clothes!

Leave your comments on how you find this purple look!

Style tip: Try purple jumpers this season for a bright and striking winter look!

Live & Love,



Top- Ajio

Pants – Ajio

Necklace- Khan Market, New Delhi

Rings – From here and there

Bracelet – Khan Market, New Delhi




















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