The Power of Basics

It is such a great feeling to see that basic dressing is no longer basic or normal or something which can be overlooked. I love how a simple t-shirt and jeans look equally stylish as any other look which is creative or has been created with many elements. The key to nailing a basic outfit is the attitude! This is where it all ends, if you don’t have the attitude, sorry you will be overlooked. Another key element is little finishing touches here and there which can change the way your basic style is perceived.

Like wearing a t-shirt and jeans with a contrasting pair of boots or heels or with a stylish handbag or with a funky pair of earrings or layered necklaces. Small changes make a big difference! A basic style in winters is wearing a jumper with jeans or a sweatshirt with jeans or pants which is seen everywhere during the season.

So my look here is all about a basic winter look with some interesting elements and attitude! I am wearing a tricolor sweatshirt with a pair of striped black culottes which I love so much. This is something I will wear in a heartbeat on any given day. I added some interesting elements to make this look more chic or street stylish by wearing a pair of striped sock boots, a pair of vintage gold studs and a micro sling bag.

This is an absolutely casual style which you can wear in broad daylight but at the same time, it has a party element also which makes it perfect for a night event as well. This is to me the power of basic dressing! Casual, understated, effortless,versatile yet stylish always!

Comment below how you like to style your basic outfits!

Style tip: Attitude is the key to nail any basic outfit!

Live & Love,


Sweatshirt – HM

Culottes – Ajio

Boots – Qupid

Bag- Coach


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