My experience with Remedico Health

I recently had a wonderful experience with India’s first and only skin and hair digital dermatology clinic, Remedico Health. So I thought to share my experience with everyone!

Remedico is an online platform where you can get a solution to your skin and hair problems. They have a team of certified dermatologists who analyze and provide a comprehensive treatment plan. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • After you select, start a consultation, they will provide you a questionnaire where you need to answer few questions about your skin or hair condition and provide them photos of your problem.
  • They will assign a dermatologist who will provide a treatment plan within 48 hours after diagnosis. This will include lifestyle changes, medicine prescription and other necessary steps to be taken.
  • They also provide you daily reminders and extra follow-ups on what to do, so that you get the best results.

In my case, I consulted them for my hair fall problem. The process was really smooth as described above and I got my detailed treatment plan which included:

  • Shampoos I should use and avoid.
  • Medicine prescription.
  • Lifestyle changes like avoiding stress.
  • Certain change of habits.
  • Further treatments I need to undergo to solve my hair fall issues.

I was really happy with such aย well-outlined treatment plan which dermatologist prescribed me!

And the biggest advantage is all this at the click of a button, no need of doctor appointments, waiting and sitting in clinics. I got my treatment plan at the comfort of my home. All this is just for Rs.350 only per consultation.

So give Remedico a try at least once for your skin and hair problems to have a different experience!

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  1. 3
    Ritesh Khandelwal

    I just completed the form filling few hours back, and was
    checking back to back why they are not giving any reply
    to the thing then I read the 48 hour thing here. Thank

  2. 4

    I have been following remedico from
    2years.The treament plans are effective
    but once you stop it u will get acne
    back so its not a permanent treatment
    according to me.

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