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I have been away from the blogging world for last almost 4 months! The news is, I am blessed with a baby boy who is 4 months old now. So I was totally off from my website which I opened only a few days back to my realization that it is a total mess! But its ok, I have a tiny being with me who needs more attention than any other thing. And yes, I am a mommy blogger now if that’s what you call it!

The whole time I kept thinking I should resume fast since the blogging world is so fast and fleeting that once you become inactive people unfollow you or forget you which even happened to me. Again I am not sulking but telling the truth of what was going on in my mind. Sleepless nights, colic baby, feeding and constantly on toes for baby chores left me tired and exhausted all the time. So, it just couldn’t happen and hence I was not in a mood to put my hands on everything! I was wayyy too tired to do anything else. For the initial 3 months, I stayed with my mom for support which was a blessing since at least I had a shoulder to cry on! And since I had a c-section it was all the more difficult to do baby chores.

I always heard that it is difficult, you can go crazy or cry or even end in depression. But man, you don’t know anything until you actually experience it. As much as you love your baby, the whole experience tires you because it is all so sudden and if you are a first-time mom it is more difficult (I believe so) since you know nothing!

Hence, the point is there was and is so much of hustle in my life right now that blogging has kind of taken a backseat. But I am trying to get back on track slowly and gradually and learning the art of balancing. Since my baby’s schedule is coming a bit on track and I have also learned how to handle a baby so I think I should be able to do good.

And how can I not talk about clothes! I have not been in the most glamorous form and I looked like a zombie all the time. Maxis and shorts are my best friends at home because of comfort and hot weather. And when I step out I, for now, love only basics. Nothing fancy, no fancy dresses, no extra layers or frills, all I want is comfort! For that, I prefer wearing leggings with tees or denims with tees or maybe a roomy dress. Absolute comfort and something which won’t bother my baby. I will start with other different kinds of styles but I want to keep true to my real self and what I prefer to wear in my actual situation.

Like see my pics here, I am wearing a loose top with basic blue jeans and embellished sneakers. This is not my best look, but that’s real me as I don’t get the kind of time I used to before. I shot these pictures so fast and I believe I have almost forgotten posing (LOL). Outdoor shoots are difficult right now, hence a lot of shooting will be there in front of that wall!

Most of the time when I wash my hair I can’t even dry them properly and I have to tie them up. I do makeup minimal like in few minutes. But yes, I do wear my accessories sometimes as I can’t resist them.

I want to get back in shape but it will take time and I will not hurry myself into it. So, after all blabbering from the bottom of my heart I would love to hear comments and suggestions from all you mothers. How you got back to track or what you did to get back in shape or anything that a mother can tell another mother.

Leave your comments below. Would love to hear from you all.

Live & Love,


Top – Lulu & Sky

Jeans- Levis

Sneakers – Zara

Earrings – Zara













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