Micro Living – The new lifestyle trend

Our cities are buzzing with busy traffics while we rush to offices daily nibbling our breakfast eats. Finding a little time to ourselves in this hectic lifewhere everyone is after a goal or something big may be bigger is a mammoth task. The demands of life are increasing with every day and year which succumbs each one of us to lead this lifestyle. While it is not possible to sit back and relax and do nothing, there can be ways to make our life a little at peace. I myself want to be a little at ease if life allows me to do so (wish I can!). So I read about this interesting lifestyle trend sometime back in the newspaper and thought of sharing here on my blog with everyone called Micro-living. 

What is the idea behind the concept? Micro living suggests living small like small spaces, fewer things and focusing on eco-friendly lifestyle, thus taking into account an individual’s health and happiness which is lost in today’s world. The trend is surging in the US in various aspects of lifestyle.

But why you should live small to be happy? We all know trying to achieve too much and big things in life leave very little space to ourselves with no peace of mind and time for the family thus affecting our health and happiness. On the other hand, when you live small you can be happy and content in little things without the mounting pressure of urban city life.  And mind it this not about being spiritual and leaving worldly things and go for meditation but finding peace in little things of life!

Some of the areas where Micro living is gaining momentum is micro apartments where people live in small spaces with a small kitchen and bathroom, foldable beds, and hidden storage spaces. Micro travel focusses on traveling to one destination and experiencing it to the fullest rather than many places to tick off from the bucket list.

Micro restaurants are all about sitting and eating in a restaurant with a small area, specific or customized menu catering to niche customers and with no wastage. This, in turn, led to the evolution of micro cuisines where the restaurant chef prepares the food for a specific number of customers present in the restaurant at a time, thus saving the cost and no wastage. The concept is really popular in Japan.

Now the micro workouts which many of us are doing these days given the shortage of time involve dedicating few minutes like 10 or 15 minutes to intense workouts which can be running, walking or a cardio routine.

Micro spirituality is spending some time like 5 minutes in relaxing, breathing or meditating before you start the day which will help in diffusing the stress and will give positivity.

So, after knowing about this buzzing concept called Micro-living let me know what are your thoughts on the same? Is it possible to incorporate this into our lifestyle?

Personally, I believe some aspects are really easy to incorporate like micro workouts and micro meditation I think are easy to adopt. I am still skeptical about whether micro living is possible in India where the apartments are already squeezed in size because of the population burst in cities. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

I so like this quote which I read somewhere “Don’t get too busy making a life that you forget to make a life” -Dolly Parton.

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