Keeping up with Summer!

Summer fashion is loved by everyone and so are summers! I am one person who can’t keep up with summers and to me it doesn’t matter how great summers are for fashion or trying new trends. The reason is I sweat so much that by the time I get ready in stylish summer clothes I am already drenched. The sticky hair and skin is the reason I can’t keep up with summers and hence I don’t like summers at all.

But India is a tropical country and we have to face the heat! And moreover the rains add a cherry on the cake, humidity. Gosh! The heat with that added humidity is the most dreaded time of the summer for me. So what do I do! What are my summer hacks or tips for people like me?

  1. Choose non-clingy clothes if you sweat a lot, go for flared dresses, boxy tops, go for trousers instead of skinny jeans.
  2. Go for breathable fabrics like cottons and linens (I swear by them!).
  3. Keep your makeup minimal on a daily basis, avoid foundation if possible. Let your skin breathe!
  4. Carry a face mist or a face wipe in your bag.
  5. If you sweat a lot always carry a deodorant.
  6. Tie you hair into a top knot or a bun and avoid limp open hair which look absolutely like a fashion faux pas.
  7. Wear headbands or scarves for setting down your baby hair. They look chic as well!
  8. Choose slip-ons or mules. Sneakers look great but try to avoid if you are stepping out in the direct sun.
  9. Ok, this is nothing new, always use a sunscreen!
  10. Wear light and soothing colors or pastels colors, they will cool you down!
  11. Never ever compromise on comfort for fashion. You will always look fashionable and effortless if you are comfortable!

So this is how I keep up with summers! Check out my look here to give you a glimpse of what I mean. I am wearing a yellow cotton boxy top with a cream linen baggy pants. I kept my hair tied up into a low-knot bun since the weather was quite humid. Simple finishing touches with black jutti and a pair of silver-tone earrings just elevated this summery look!

Comment below if you are also same as me!

Live & Love,


Top and pants – Ajio

Jutti -Amazon

Earrings– Myntra


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