Recently, I got my hands on Just Herbs Face Elixir, which is a face serum! I personally love Ayurvedic skin care products and Just Herbs is a brand which ticks all the boxes for me. I have tried their face creams and face packs, which are absolutely amazing. The speciality of Just Herbs products is they are pure and bespoke Ayurvedic skin care products which are cruelty-free, free from parabens and petrochemicals!

With increasing age, the need for good skin care is of paramount importance in order to avoid premature signs of aging like pigmentation, fine lines and dullness. So when I came across this Face Elixir, I could not resist but try! The Gotukula Indian Ginseng Face Elixir prevents skin dullness, imparts glow to your skin, prevents dark circles and fine lines, is lightweight and absorbs fast into the skin! All this goodness in just one small bottle!

Elixir means a medicinal potion, and this Ayurvedic potion by Just Herbs is a perfect replacement for traditional chemically derived Vitamin C serum. The natural Vitamin C serum unlike chemically derived serum is free of silicones which prevent the deep penetration of the product into the skin. These serums only prime the skin and do not provide benefits in the deeper layers of the skin, and that is why Just Herbs Elixir is a better choice since it reaches the deeper layers of the skin!

The ingredients are absolutely herbal including cold pressed oils of Rosehip, Wheat germ, Safflower and Moringa which are natural sources of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. The Indian Senna in the Elixir is a substitute for Hyaluronic acid which is anti aging and prevents fine lines. For skin nourishing and brightening, it contains Nagkesar. So all in all, a perfect herbal product!

Another reason it penetrates deeper in the skin is the molecules, which are smaller than of a cream, which gives better results. The serums have high potency than creams, which makes them a better than choice creams!

I used this product after cleansing my face and pumping a small amount and massaging in circular motions. After this you can apply your face cream. I love how it makes my skin so fresh and radiant!

I highly recommend this product if you love good Ayurvedic and natural skin care products! Also, it is high time that we support our home-grown brands which are making such amazing products!

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    I’ve been using face serum from Earthy Selections and I want just organic ones. Can use this too . Thanks for sharing.

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