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Call it a journal, a diary, a notebook or an idea bank; these customized wooden notebooks from Woodgeekstore are perfect for creating a pool of ideas, random thoughts, poetry or may be some secrets! They specialize in creating all cool stuff out of wood. Geeks (that’s what they call themselves) with a taste for finesse and passion for wood texture and grain; they have transmitted their passion into wood and the results are stupendous! Custom logo notebooks, personalized wooden notebooks, and pens made of bamboo are products to watch out for.

Being a blogger, random ideas keep popping in my head, which I prefer jotting down in a diary. New fashion trends, ideas for my lookbook, new recipes, DIY or anything, which is worthy enough of featuring on the blog I always write them down. Usually, on weekends, I spend some time planning for my blog and pour out my creative juices into a diary while sipping a cup of tea!

When I came across these unique engraved personalized notebooks from Woodgeekstore, I just couldn’t resist myself. It immediately clicked me, this has to be my fashion and food journal and I ordered!

When the final product arrived, I was really taken by the quality! Mind it, it is not any digital printing on wood but engraving. I could see all the details on my picture including my dress, my hair, my face; everything was done to the T. You choose the design and they create it for you! Even the packaging was very thoughtful, sent in a jute bag. These eco-friendly bamboo notebooks are exclusive and worth the price paid. Whether you want it for yourself as a custom fashion journal, a personalized diary or to gift it to anyone, these notebooks are one of a kind!

They also have a range of wooden sunglasses and spectacle frames, which are a trend right now! With all the latest shapes and styles, these are a must-have for every fashion enthusiast (I have my eyes on them!). Another quirky accessory which I spotted was wooden phone case and all these products can be customized as per need.

So, I am in love with their products and the thought behind these beautifully crafted pieces out of wood is commendable.

I hope you love them too!

Live & Love,




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