Home Cooking to Food Apps – The Good and The Bad

There were times when home cooking was considered a religion and no one could imagine something like home food delivery! If I look back to my childhood days all I remember is my mother spending an entire day in the kitchen to make delicious meals for the family. This was enjoyable for us but yes tiring and exhausting for her. But even if I ask her today about those days when she used to spend her entire time cooking, she would smile and say that is the way her life has been and she loves to cook for her family and at no cost she would prefer outside food to the home cooked food.

Today, with a fast paced life, working couples and the lack of me time or time for home cooking has led to home food delivery system! While the people who love to cook, always find time for cooking on weekends or at any time. But for a lot of people, it is taking out me time and enjoy home delivery of food items. I would say I also enjoy delivery of food at times which saves my cooking time and no kitchen hassles.

The advanced version of home food delivery is food apps! There are so many food apps available today that you can get food of any kind from thousands of restaurants at your doorsteps. Advanced filters in these food apps make further easy to select and enjoy food of your taste which is a great convenience for a working couple. These apps are also good for bachelors living away from their homes.

But while all these food apps are filling the blank spaces in our android and iphones, don’t you think it is taking away the fun and the love of home cooking! Home cooking is not just about cooking and serving food to the family but an experience which creates bond in the family. I personally feel somewhere when the food apps advertise, no need for cooking at home and just order from our app! It takes away the warmth and love which home cooked food gives.

It is good to order food online once in a while but when it becomes a habit it leads to health issues. The food preparation hygiene, kind of oil and fats used or freshness of the ingredients no one can guarantee with food ordered online.

Home cooked food will always have the advantage of freshness, hygiene and how much healthy or low fat you want, it is all in your hands! And above all the taste of home cooked food is unmatched.

So let me put the good and the bad for you!

The Good : Home cooked food is fresh, healthier and tastier. Above all, it binds the family together with its love and warmth. The food ordered online is convenient and easy to order which gives the homemaker a much needed me time and also various delicacies to enjoy!

The Bad: Home cooked food leaves no time for the person who cooks it! They are absorbed in the whole process leaving them exhausted. On the other hand, the food ordered can lead to food poisoning and various .lifestyle diseases if consumed regularly.

At last, I would say one has to find a balance between the two so you can enjoy both without compromising health or taste!

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