Food and diet trends in India 2017

This is a topic I have been willing to talk about eagerly, but talking about food trends requires a good amount of research and understanding (so I did mine!). Unlike fashion trends, they are not so rampant on the internet and require more cognizance. Collected from newspapers, magazines and Google research, I bring to you some of the food trends in India which are making waves and are marking a new era of food science and nutrition. I specifically focused on predictions in the country by the top chefs and professionals, so let’s see what is coming to our table!

Ancient food is gaining popularity

People are preferring to revert to old ways of eating food these days. Ancient foods like Millets, Amaranth, Teff, Spelt, Kamut, Kombucha, and ginseng are finding a way to the kitchen due to their health benefits.

  • Barley which was used by the Roman army is gaining popularity as a high fiber and weight losing grain.
  • Many ancient grains are gluten free like quinoa is high in complex carbohydrates and contains 9 essential amino acids and is becoming a part of weight loss diets.
  • Using ghee and coconut oil is becoming a part of regular diet.
  • Fermentation has been a part many cultures. Trending foods like lassi, kanji, miso, sourdough, home-made curd, kefir are some examples of fermented food used today.

So yes, Ancient is now the new food trend!

Farm to table

This concept is becoming a fast growing trend, the emphasis is on taking fresh produce and organic vegetables and fruits directly from the farm to your table. Many restaurants are bringing up this style of cooking, which ensures a more healthy and preservative free food. With this trend, kitchen gardens are also becoming a part of a healthy lifestyle, where people prefer using home grown vegetables in their cooking!

Flowers are becoming part of dishes

This style of adding edible flowers is becoming popular by the day. Till now, it was a part of a fine dining, but more and more home cooks, amateurs, and food bloggers have started experimenting with edible flowers. They can be added to pudding, salads, rice, soups, cakes and other dishes. The technique of using flowers is thousands of years old; it adds color and a delicate flavor to the dish. Chef Ranveer Brar uses hibiscus flowers in hibiscus jam by flavoring them in vinegar. Some edible flowers which are popularly used include Chives, Lavender, Coriander, Peony, Pansies, Marigold, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Calendula, and Nasturtiums. Just take care to wash properly before use!

Sirtfood diet

What is sirtfood diet? According to Aidan Goggins and Glen Mattens, it is a kind of diet where you indulge in chocolate, coffee, and similar products. Sirtfoods contain sirtuins which help in boosting metabolism, detoxifying the body, clearing out the cells and losing weight (yes you heard me right!). Some examples of top sirtfoods are strawberries, dark chocolate, red onions, kale, extra virgin olive oil, green tea, coffee, cocoa to name a few. Well, how does it sound? This may become a new diet trend soon!

Buddha bowl

Well, the name itself sounds like a healthy and healing kind of food experience. Several healthy ingredients are a part of Buddha bowl making it a complete meal. You can include anything in the bowl, but the focus is on including healthy food items, ultimately creating a balanced diet.

  • Start off by including healthy grains like millets, quinoa or brown rice.
  • Sauteed or steamed vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, bell peppers or any vegetables can be added.
  • Include a protein source like paneer, tofu or meat sauteed in olive oil.
  • Include raw vegetables to add bulk or fiber like diced tomatoes, onions, cucumber or carrots.
  • Take a bowl and start assembling. Keeping raw vegetables and grains on one side. Top off with sauteed ingredients.
  • You can also include seeds in the bowl.
  • Pour over dressing of your choice.

Your Buddha bowl is ready, indeed a light and balanced meal!

Ombre Toast is another exciting food trend which is getting popular on Instagram and I wish to try it soon!

Other trends which will peak in 2017 includes charcoal flavors in food, Portuguese cuisine will shine, no-waste cooking, local ingredients will make way to restaurant menus and vegetarianism will continue to grow!

So these are some of my picks for food trends and I hope this will give you an insight into what’s coming next to your plate!

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