So I created my own terminology for this particular look that I created! Athleisure came and ruled and it is still ruling for comfy airport style and holiday fashion. Hence I don’t have to really talk about it again! You can check my athleisure look here.

For me, this look is ethnicleisure because it is neither too casual nor too ethnic but is a little bit of both! I created this look with my linen sports stripes pants, crop top, an ethnic gilet, silver crescent shape earrings, silver cuff, and jutti. So the elements here are both ethnic and casual and leisurely hence I coined this term ethnicleisure. This look is right up my alley and one I will wear in a heartbeat to any occasion.

Comment below on how you find this ethnicleisure look!

Style tip: Dress up this ethnicleisure look with a pair of pumps and a sling bag or any fancy clutch.

Live & Love,


Linen Pants – Ajio

Crop Top -Myntra

Gilet – Anokhi

Earrings – Jaypore

Jutti– Anouk, Myntra

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