Embrace Ethnic!

In this blog, I am penning down my thoughts on the ethnic fashion scene in India! What I have observed since the time I started blogging and what I see in this mad influencer cum blogging world. So let me start pouring!

Ethnic wear is an identity of Indian fashion rather who we are! It is one I personally take pride in. And when I say ethnic fashion, it doesn’t mean saree or clothing only but everything right from the accessories to jewelry to footwear to makeup to attitude, everything! In the recent times, more styles are evolving or what we can say a modern twist to the traditional attires. Ethnic fusion and Indowestern are my personal favorites. But, I somehow feel we as Indian bloggers, influencers or young fashion generation are more inclined towards western fashion than eastern and I include myself in that. Somewhere in the world of fast fashion and western trends, we have lost the desire to wear ethnic Indian wear. Everyone is chasing trends what’s in what out and not embracing what you actually have here in your home. Everyone wears ethnic attires on the festive or wedding occasions but how many of us have embraced it like owning it. This is my forte, this is my identity! This is somewhere getting lost in the current times.

Before anyone judges me, please hold your horses! I love western fashion as well and have done many blogs on them (go back and look). Most of the time I try to balance my lookbooks thinking I need to do my Indian fashion as well.

We should all as influencers and bloggers or any fashion enthusiast should experiment with Eastern wear like we do with western attires and show how gorgeous our culture is! Only when we will embrace it, we will be able to do justice to it. I myself try to balance western and ethnic styles for my blog but I still think I need to do more for ethnic fashion. Having said that, it is a personal choice to follow western or ethnic fashion but nothing like if our style reflects our identity and culture. Ethnic fashion is today very experimental, for all the experimental style enthusiast Indo-western attires are perfect and traditional styles are always there for classic style lovers.

As I already stated I love traditional ethnic fashion and ethnic fusion both equally. One can add an ethnic touch to their style not just with the silhouettes but also with traditional handloom fabrics, traditional prints or anything which is ethnic to create a mix and match style. A Kalamkari print top with denim or an Ajrakh print short dress or a handloom cotton top with a handpainted skirt are ways of donning ethnic fashion differently.

What I mean to say in the end is don’t just wear ethnic occasionally, embrace it in some form or other and make it your own.

Coming down to my style! A very me and again an ethnic fusion look with a bright floral print black Anarkali dress. I have paired it with a tribal Afghani choker and a pair of gold mules. Since it was so bright and sunny outside that I could barely open my eyes, a pair of sunnies were an absolute essential which also added a chic twist to my style.

Hope you all liked my look here and got my point! Share your thoughts on this topic in the comments section, would love to hear from you all.

Live & Love,


Anarkali Dress – Sangria, Jabong

Choker Necklace – Tjori

Sunglasses – French Connection


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