A new year eve that was…

Non-stop chattering, giggling, laughing on jokes, late night conversations, games, dance, food and more! That is exactly how my new year eve was. When it comes to new year celebration I prefer keeping it private. And if I am not having any private party, one can find me tucked in a blanket doing nothing (haha!). I do like to party out otherwise but on new year eve not really. There are too many reasons in my mind not to!

  • Firstly, it is way too busy and crowded everywhere (that chokes me).
  • Secondly, people drinking and creating nuisance on roads, in bars and clubs (something that I am scared of).
  • Thirdly, people drinking and driving resulting in accidents (partying responsibly is every citizen’s duty)
  • Fourthly, why not just end the year with closest of your people (and that’s why private party!).

All I am saying is I just want to stay safe and commence the new year with good thoughts and memories! So, having stated all the possible reasons of not partying out on new year eve, I will like to throw some light on what I did this time!

My cousin organised a really cozy garden party at her home with family and friends! Amazingly set up DIY decor garden area, just made me so cheerful and beaming with smile. A DIY mini bar, down seating, candles, lightings, everything was so soothing and full of warmth! I had the grave responsibility of arranging music (haha!) and I tell you it is the most difficult thing to do when everyone has different music choices.  Anyways, we still had a blast and couldn’t stop dancing!

Oh yes, how can I not tell what I wore! I opted for a faux fur long coat, paired with stockings and ankle length boots. My hair were tied into a top knot finished off with a black bow accessory (which gave a Japanese feel to the look). I did not add too much in terms of jewellery or any make up, as I wanted my coat and hairdo to do the talking! Hope you like it.

Wishing everyone a very happy new year! Do comment how you celebrated!

Live & Love,


Faux fur coat – Dorothy Perkins

Ankle length boots – Dorothy Perkins

Hair accessory – Koovs

Bag– River Island


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