A day of monochrome leisure!

I love my weekends and sometimes I am too lazy to go on a weekend outing or just not in a mood to do anything! A relaxed and leisurely day with no worries gives me utmost pleasure and a different kind of high. I spend some time introspecting, planning my week ahead and yes, dreaming about the future! While staying at home I prefer non-clingy, relaxed and breathable clothing. This trend is not confined to summer even in winter I follow the same.  There is a sense of ecstasy when I can move freely and twirl in my clothing (I don’t know why!). But I am sure some of you out there are like me! 

So here I am talking about monochrome; the classic black and white style which is spotted everywhere, be it red carpet, runways or street fashion, this style brings out an innate class and suave in you. Of course, my style is not fitting in any of these categories, as I went for a laid-back monochrome look perfect for your lazy weekend days, isn’t it! A monochrome flared ikat dress with beach wave hair and bright lips were my choice for this fuss-free look.

This is also the first time I am keeping my pictures black and white in line with the monochrome theme (since it brings out the monochrome effect prominently!). I am right now occupied with monochrome thoughts and maybe you will see more of monochrome on my blog!

Style tip – If you plan to wear a similar dress for a formal setting, just put a pair of bright color pumps and you are good to go.

So what is that you prefer to wear on your leisurely weekend, comment below!

Live & Love,




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