Summer blues

We all have finally stepped from the darker zone into lighter zone, summers have arrived and this doesn’t make me happy (I am a winter baby!).
I have never loved summers except for the fact that I get to wear beautiful prints, summery dresses and basically stay light. Most of the times I don’t feel like stepping out of my house (unless absolutely necessary), sometimes it is scorching hot, sometimes it is windy hot, sometimes humid hot and sometimes just hot! The idea of beautiful summers in India is only an IDEA! Moreover for people like me who sweat like crazy, it isn’t really a pleasant time at all (some of you can relate).

So what are my rules for summer fashion:

  • The lightest of lightest clothing or fabric is my main resort, I firmly stick to cotton and voile fabrics.
  • Prefer non-clingy clothing like skirts, flared dresses, palazzo or culottes.
  • Apply least of make up.
  • Tie my hair into a topknot or a ponytail (like always)

These are some rules that I abide by. They can actually be a reliever, if you are in same shoes as mine then do try. I just can’t compromise on my comfort

After sulking about my Summer blues I am ready to talk about my style in this blog (haha!). Since shades of blue and white are synonymous with summer times I chose to go for same. I went for Eastern wear (super comfortable) and paired my blue cotton kurta with white palazzo. My finishing touches were silver sandals and silver tassel earrings. This look can be for a brunch or daytime party or even a casual outing.

Hope you like my first summer blog and do not forget to leave your comments!

Style tip: Comfort is the only key to look effortless and chic.

Live & Love,


Kurta: Rangriti,

Palazzo: Ridress,


Sandals: Venus


5 thoughts on “Summer blues

  1. Hi dear, Iike your article a lot. I have a question..recently I bought a couple of rangriti kurtas from myntra…they are brand new
    ..haven’t used yet…but while going through the reviews on amazon about rangriti kurtas…d reviews were pretty bad…all the
    customers complaining of two things in particular:

    1. The kurtas shrink..and keep on shrinking after every wash.
    2. The color fades away.
    Since this post is about rangriti , I feel you would be able to answer it. Please respond as to how the kurtas did? Are the
    complaints of people right and genuine ?? It would be very helpful if you let me know. Thank you.!!!!

    1. Hi Shubhra,

      I understand your concern! See as in my case I have not bought only this kurta from Rangriti till date which turned out to be good. Rest it also depends on how you take care of cotton especially, I am very particular about how I wash my cottons so they last longer. But yes, if the quality is bad then you cant do anything. It is always better to try one piece from a new brand and then go for more! I hope this helps you… have a great day 🙂

  2. Hi dear, Iike your article a lot. I have a question..recently I bought a couple of rangriti kurtas from myntra…they are brand new

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