Suede up

Whenever there is a talk about new fashion trends, it never fails to surprise me how some styles, looks and fabrics see a comeback. And yes, so has Suede.
Somehow, I’ve always loved the feel of this fabric and for me it was never out of fashion (as we quote) and will never be. I think it is a winter essential for everyone like leather. Not just one style, be it skirts, jackets, trousers, boots, suede is everywhere.

So what is Suede? It is a kind of leather with a soft velvet finish. Here, I am wearing a faux suede shift dress with leather trimmings (which I so love) and paired it suede knee length boots. Nothing much to do, when Suede is here for you (haha!). It is my favorite winterishhh….fabric!

P.S I love lampshading and even more during winters!

Style tip: If you still don’t have Suede in your wardrobe, add it now in form of boots and jackets.

I hope you like my style! Do comment.

Live & Love,


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Dress –

Boots – Old

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