My winter essentials

We all have different kinds of skin battles and in winters those battles increase, so we need to care more. Dryness is the most common and recurring problem during winters, which makes your skin look dull and lifeless. Personally, my face skin never dries out (even in winter!). As I have super oily skin, a decent cold cream also works for me. But my lips and my body skin are dry, and during winters dryness becomes worse.

So, I am sharing my winter essentials which I have been using for a long time.


First, products from The Body shop, I love their skin care range, works really well for me.

I love Body butter, no other product (believe me) has ever worked so well for my body dryness during winters. So, this is my winter staple product.


Vitamin E moisturizing cream, it moisturizes your face so well and has vitamin E too. Smell so good. You can use it in combination with night cream.


Water melon lip balm, it hydrates my lips instantly and keeps them hydrated for long. It actually smells like watermelon, as if you are about to eat it. They are available in other flavors also.


The Body shop seaweed deep cleansing gel wash, is good for combination to oily skin. I do have an acne problem, so this cleansing gel helps in controlling oil and acne.


Our good old coconut oil, never fails. Apply it before bathing to control dryness (my mother’s remedy) and you can also apply it on your naval for lip dryness.


My hands become quite dry, so I carry a hand cream everywhere. Because hands have to be washed again and again, so they turn dry quickly. I love my Fabindia hand and cuticle cream for moisturizing.


All these products are my essentials. What are yours?

Do comment.

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  1. Frm ver can I get this Body shop Vitamin e cream feel like using it since i love vitamin e oil thought of using this too..
    Is it true tht applying oil on naval can prevent dry lips

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