My saree story!

After completing one year of blogging I am finally doing a saree post and what took me so long I really don’t know! As much as I love sarees I will confess one thing I am bad at draping them, yes you heard me right. It takes a lot of effort from my side to drape a saree and even after that I need a help (LOL). Lack of practice and patience is the only reason why in spiteย of loving sarees so much it took me so long to do a saree post. Well, this my weak area and I need to work on it.

Coming from a family where all women including my mother and aunts are expert at draping saree, it is quite ironical that I am not! Having said that I do wear sarees off and on, as per my experience wearing a cotton or silk saree is way easier than wearing those embroidered sarees. I love handloom cotton and silk sarees way too much and whenever I see someone wearing them I feel like I should own one! Indian sarees are an epitome of grace and class and a perfect exemplification of what Indian fashion entails. If you don’t wear a saree in India you don’t know fashion (just joking!). But women should know how to wear a saree (including me) because it is sheer beauty and fine symbol of our culture.

Coming to my saree look, the weather is still in a mood for handloom cotton, so I chose a bright yellow handloom cotton saree for this blog. Yellow is my happy color, I love how beautifully it stands out in summer weather. I paired my saree with a black ikkat cotton blouse with an interesting back design. A bindi and a silver-tone necklace completed my look. Well, I wanted to tie my hair but somehow it didn’t work the day I shot this post, so yes I kept them open. A simple ethnic look which you can wear easily on a casual outing!

Style tip: Let us wear more and more sarees on an everyday basis and flaunt them with panache.

I hope to master the art of wearing sarees soon because I would love to do more saree blogs here!

Tell me your saree story in the comments section below!

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Saree – Old

Blouse –

Necklace – Old



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