My mother my wonder woman ft. Rock N Shop

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and we all are busy planning surprises for our mothers. She is one person who has powers which no fictitious superwoman possess and that is her multi-tasking skills. Some mothers are working professionals, some are homemakers and some are entrepreneurs, no matter what the role is, she knows the best. Managing home, office, kids, a husband is no easy task, but she does everything effortlessly. From listening to her kids’ problems and motivating them during rough times to serving home cooked delicious food and being an anchor to her family. She is the driving force behind who we are; she is our wonder woman!

While every day is a mother’s day, this particular date marks the celebration of motherhood. A day to pamper her and give her all the love she deserves. So, Rock N Shop has curated some really exciting gifts for your mothers starting from jewelry to clothes to shoes to handbags and much more. Whether your mother is working or a homemaker or an artist or a fashionista, Rock N Shop has covered them all!

And it doesn’t end here! The exciting part is the Mother’s day contest where you stand a chance to win gifts for your mother. All you have to do is follow the rules:

1) Share a video on your social media handles answering the question “How has your mother empowered your life?”

2) Use the hashtags #mymothermywonderwoman and #rocknshop

3) Tag Rock N Shop on Facebook and rock_n_shop on Instagram and Twitter

4) Tag your friends who have interesting wonder stories of their mothers.

5) Top three winner (on the basis of maximum traction) stand a chance to win the following:

So it’s time to indulge and pamper your mothers, participate now!

For more details about the campaign and contest click here: Rock N Shop



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