My DIY manicure tool

I have a fetish for nail cleanliness, I do get satisfied by manicure at a salon but only to an extent. I still come back and clean them myself, but I am never satisfied (That’s me!). Owing to my fetish self and also that lazy bug in me, I researched for some ready to use manicure tools. And I bought this electric manicure tool with 5 attachments. I have been using this for a year now and it is not in that great condition (you can see that in pictures!). So, I thought of reviewing and sharing my experience with you all. This is kind of a DIY manicure tool.

What I like:

It is quite simple to use and convenient. Quite inexpensive Rs.350-400. It is really helpful in removing the dead skin around your nail, that is THE reason that I use it so frequently. There 5 attachments with different purposes.

What I dislike:

It is battery operated, which gets drained very fast.  Out of 5 attachments, 2 I think are of no use. The shaping and buffing attachments do not work that well.

This is what it looks like:



  • This emery attachment is for cleaning the dead skin. Just push the purple button. It works like a driller.


  •  This serves similar function as previous one.


  • This is for more deep cleaning. Be careful while using this, it can hurt if used for long.


  • The buffing attachment, which does not buff that well.


  • The shaping attachment, again does not work that well. It needs some skills and practice to use properly.


Though this product has many cons, I still like to use it in combination with buffing, filing and cuticle pushing tools separately. It gives really great results.

Word of caution: Be careful, this works like a driller, so do not hurt yourself by excessive pushing and prolonged usage.

I hope you found something new today! Do comment if you are using this.

Live & Love,



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4 thoughts on “My DIY manicure tool

  1. Is review k liye big thanks 😊 meri bitiya bahut dino se isko lene k liye bol rahi hai, usko review dikha dungi, fir depends on her ki usko buy karna hai ya nahi 👍👍👍👍👍

    1. She can buy it…like as I said that it works well for dead skin removal and also in combination with other tools! I use it..but yes alone it won’t be any good!

  2. Does the attachment have cuticle remover, I wish to buy this for my dad just because he has diabetes n diabetes patient need to take care of their feet very well. But still m confused

    1. It does not have a cuticle remover! But it helps removing the dead skin and then use cuticle remover, like I do. I don’t know about Diabetes though! Better use a cuticle remover and nail cream 🙂

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