Mom’s handmade love – Tie & dye dress

There is always enormous love and warmth in things made by your mother, be it food or clothes. During my childhood, I used to wear dresses stitched by my mother. Frocks, skirts, sweater, with laces and bows, she used to stitch them all. And she was and is excellent at it, no she ain’t any designer or boutique owner, but is a homemaker with love and passion for stitching.

After almost decades, I requested her to stitch a dress, and how could she refuse! We bought the fabric and designed the dress keeping simplicity in mind, as she is. A bottle green tie and dye midi dress, which I complimented with silver jewellery and silver kohlapuris. I opted for a low messy bun (like my mom’s) to add a vintage and homely touch. I feel a warmth by looking at these pictures, I hope you will too!

And yes, this dress is PRICELESS!

Style tip– Try wearing handloom silk dresses this season for formal occasions.

Do comment, how you find this dress!

Live & Love,


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