Mixing patterns

Mixing patterns is definitely one of the most tricky styles to pull off. It can look striking if done the right way and awkward with a little mistake. I think there are no set rules for mixing patterns, it is all about hit and trial. The trick is to imagine before trying any new style and then putting it together.

I bought this plaid long shirt and wanted to do something out of the box, something tricky, so I thought why not mix patterns. I paired my plaid shirt with a floral stole. Keeping the base color same, maroon, made this style more cohesive. You can see a hint of plaid, stripes and florals together. I rounded off my look with a brown waist belt, blue jeans and black heels.


I don’t really know how all of this worked together but as I said hit and trial with little imagination is needed.

Style tip: You can try mixing smaller prints with larger prints, like small floral print with large floral print. Also, wearing stripes with floral prints works well. This is a must try style for fall.

Hope you like it as well! Do comment.

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img_2139_fotor img_2132_fotor img_2164_fotor

Shirt – Tally Weijl

Stole – Meena Bazaar

Sandals – Khan Market, New Delhi

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