The Shopping bag – Exhibition at The Ashok

Every year as festive season draws near, our shopping surges and we fall short of budget (at least that happens with me!). Clothes, jewellery, home decor, gifts and what not, we buy all! Thankfully, now festive season means lots and lots of exhibitions for you and your home. You don’t have to do shop hopping , all is available under one roof.


I recently went to this exhibition at The Ashok, the exhibition had a lot to offer starting from clothes to jewellery to home decor to accessories. While, I did not shop (I promised myself not to!), I did find few things really exclusive and beautiful, which are worth mentioning here!

1) Beautiful decorative show pieces from Yuvaan! (They did not have any contact details).

2) Oh, how much I love cotton dresses and kurtas. And Kessawear exactly offered that, gorgeous designs!img_9541_fotor3) Kitcheneesta, displayed homemade cakes packed in really cute jars!img_9548_fotor4) I have a jewellery fetish, and how come I did not buy such exclusive statement jewellery from Zurie.img_9555_fotor5) Beautifully crafted tableware for your guests by Sparkles.img_9560_fotor6) Oracra displayed beautiful dresses, tops and kurta made organically. I liked the designs and concept.img_9563_fotor

7) Finally, I bought something from here, such cute and girly accessory boxes from Stripes, I couldn’t resist.img_9551_fotorSo keep checking the blog for more such events.

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Check their contact details below:



SparklesFacebook>Sparkle by A&M


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