KhakhiXCamel Drama

I was waiting to wear Khaki and Camel color together for ages now! I can say I am a bit obsessed with these earthy tones and plan to add more to my wardrobe. While summers are more about light and pastel colors, this breakthrough fashion trend defies all color rules and I am in for it!

Now that the weather is drifting and monsoon has arrived, you can dive in some darker colors. Earthy colors like khaki, camel, brown and tans have always been associated with a formal and sophisticated dress code including trench coats, jackets, and dresses. But with the fashion evolution, it is possible to incorporate these colors in your regular style in a more fun way. The natural vibe of earthy colors is soothing and pleasing, there is a beautiful camaraderie between earthy tones, you can wear them together without giving much thought. And that is what exactly I did!

One thing, earthy colors look phenomenal on Indian skin, so they are a must-have in your wardrobe! I will not weave any stories around my look this time, to tell you the truth I just picked the pieces I had in my wardrobe and put them into a look.

I paired my khaki shirt with a camel color culottes (you know how much I love them!) and to add structure I wore a corset belt in brown and black colors. My inner drama queen was constantly poking me to do more, so I did a dramatic winged eyeliner and top knot. For rounding off my look I wore big gold chunky earrings and gold mules.

This is a formal yet fun look which you can wear to a party as well as to a casual outing. Leave your comments on how you find this look!

Style tip: You can combine earthy colors together with little thinking, like khaki with camel or camel with brown or a brown with khaki. They blend seamlessly with each other!

Live & Love,


Shirt– Bossini

Culottes – Streetstylestore

Belt– Kazo

Mules– Westsidestores


On my eyes– Loreal

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