Graphic tee X printed skirt

The evolution of fashion from just wearing safe pieces to most unimaginable patterns together has opened an entirely new realm. How fun it is to wear abstract and mismatched patterns together! Prints on prints, logo tees with printed skirts or pants, stripes with stripes or a splash of colors; this trend is a hit on the runways and street fashion. Just run your imagination in putting those pieces together, which you never thought could be worn as a fashion trend, that is the beauty of this style. Edgy, unpredictable, stylish, unconventional; you will run short of adjectives but you won’t stop loving it! This style is for every rule-breaker and daring fashionista.

One of the major hits we have seen in the recent times is logo tees with printed skirts. Oh yes! Gucci, Dior and other high street labels have reinvented T-shirts like never before. Tees with empowering statements, colorful logos, funny slogans and pop art are a hit with the fashion lovers. I had lost my love for T-shirts until now! The most interesting element comes when you wear them with a printed skirt like florals, stripes or polka dots. It really adds a visual appeal to an otherwise normal look. For me, it is a powerfully stylish way of saying “I know fashion more than you think I do!”. 

Finally, let us arrive at how I played with this style. My tee is really bright with comic pop art and more on the funny side (which I love!). I paired it with a simple black polka dot skirt. The skirt is simple which really highlights the tee well. I rounded off my look with gold finish vintage earrings and block heels sandals. This is definitely a monochrome style but the pop art has added a colorful edgy twist!

Style tip: You can wear a striped tee with a polka skirt or a floral skirt with pop art tee; either way it will be a great way of mixing patterns!

I can’t wait to fill my wardrobe with more such styles, can you! Comment how you find this look.

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Pop art tee –

Earrings – Jabong

Sandals – Khan Market, New Delhi

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