Foods for skin and hair care!

We are what we what, this is so true! Food can do wonders to the body and at same time harm it. Making some conscious health decisions is really important to ensure a long-term good health. A healthy body gets reflected on your skin and hair; if you are healthy inside, you will look beautiful outside! Food and it’s correlation with beauty is ancient, certain foods have the power to resolve skin and hair issues because they target the root cause thus alleviating the problem. Time to talk about some foods which can be eaten and applied topically to get gorgeous skin and hair.


Oh, we so need cucumber in this hot weather! Due to it high moisture content (95% almost) it helps to keep the body and skin hydrated. It also helps in flushing out the toxins from the body. It contains lots of Vitamin A and C which help in promoting hair growth. So don’t forget to add it liberally to your salads. You can apply it topically on your eyes to get rid of those dark circles. Grated cucumber can serve as a toner for your skin and fade away blemishes. It can remove suntan, so just apply on your face after coming home from that hot sun!

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Coconut water

Fresh coconut water is absolutely soothing and relaxing. It hydrates the body leaving the skin well-nourished. Drinking coconut water daily can cure skin ailments like dryness, acne, blemishes and dark spots; thus making it more clear and smooth. You can also apply it topically to get rid of dirt and pollution. Hair benefit immensely by applying coconut water; it nourishes the roots and scalp. Adds shine and strength by removing frizziness. It is also a good cure for dandruff!

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It is a well-known fact oatmeal is a super food with so many health benefits. Apart from lowering bad cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart problem and ensuring a healthy digestive system; oatmeal works like a miracle for skin and hair. Oatmeal is an ingredient in bath & body products, so why not use it in natural form! Due to its coarse texture, it works great as an exfoliator and also helps in removing blackheads, you can prepare oatmeal masks at home. It has high saponin content, which makes it a natural cleanser.You can apply it as a home-made mask and massage your hair! It confers many hair benefits including strengthening the roots, moisturizing the hair leaving them softer and it treats an itchy scalp; to name a few.

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Yes, this food is undoubtedly the most quintessential beauty ingredient found in skin and hair care products. In fact, eating raw olives can impart many health benefits due to their high Vitamin A content and antioxidant properties. Olive oil makes the skin healthy and radiant. A high Vitamin E content protects against UV damage and is anti-aging. What wonder olive oil can do to your hair, do I need to tell that!

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Loaded with juices watermelon is a delight to eat in summers! High water content (about 92%) keeps your body and skin hydrated; make it soft and supple. It is high in Vitamin A, C, and B6. Vitamin A helps in skin repair and cell regeneration. Due to high Vitamin C content, it contributes to collagen synthesis thus making skin soft and also nourishing the hair. Watermelon contains high lycopene content which protects skin against sun damage. Arginine, an essential amino acid in watermelon helps in blood circulation and nourishing the hair scalp, thus strengthening the hair from roots.

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Curry leaves

We all love curry leaves in our South Indian dishes; the aroma and flavor of curry leaves make every dish exotic! But these tiny leaves are magical for your skin and hair as well. They are excellent for hair growth; massaging the hair with curry leaf paste mixed in oil strengthens the hair and promote growth. Over a period of time, it reduces hair loss and gray hair. You can also add curry leaves to your face packs; it reduces acne problems and gives a healthy glow to the skin!

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Caution: Some people have an allergy to natural ingredients also, check first to see if any reaction occurs by applying on a small patch of skin.

Hope, this gave you an insight into what foods help to fight skin and hair issues. Eat them or add them to your homemade beauty packs, in any case, you will see the change!

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