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Finally, I am also doing a haul!! I have been pampering myself for a month now with makeup and skincare products (my skin is going through a rough patch!) and thought of sharing with you all. I bought things which I needed. But yes, I made sure that they are new brands and products.

I will try to give the product details, prices and review or opinion where ever possible. I am dividing the haul in two blogs so it is easy to read without getting bored!

Let’s begin!

Kiko Milano: This brand just launched in India and I heard of it during Amazon India Fashion Week. So, I had to buy products from it! One thing in general, the packing is amazing and it gives such a premium and high end feel to the product. The pricing is reasonable as per the quality they are giving (though I got great discounts!)

  • Kiko concealer: The concealer is quite light weight . This color can’t be used for highlighting but just for covering dark circles and marks. You can buy a lighter shade for highlighting purpose.

    Hazelnut, Rs.1000
  • Kiko creamy matte lipstick: The packing is unique and it is so rich and creamy. It glides like a butter and just one coat is sufficient.

    Rouge A Levres, Rs.1050
  • Kiko lip pencil : Just a regular lip pencil.

    Crayon levres, Matita Labbra, Rs.550
  • Kiko bronzer powder: This is a great product for contouring and accentuating your jaw line. Very well pigmented and has a good quantity and mirror size.

    06, Flawless fusion, bronzer powder, Rs.1250
  • Kiko trio blush: It is decently pigmented, comes in 3 colors and also has a mirror. Use it for a natural sun kissed look. I like this least of all the products from Kiko, may be because I also bought a blush from Maybelline which I liked more (check below).  I personally love peach and pink blushes, this one is more towards bronze shades (that could also be a reason!). Nevertheless one should always try new things!

    02, Shade fusion, trio blush, Rs.1050

Maybelline: I had my eyes on the new V-face range since Master class with Elton John Fernandez. The range is really affordable and for all the contouring starters this should be in your kitty!

  • V-face blush contour: It is really well pigmented and blends in well. It comes in 3 colors. Use it for contouring and blushing. (check here)

    Peach, Rs.440
  • V-face duo stick: This is an amazing product. I can’t express how happy I am with this product. If you love dewy glowing kind of make up, this is a must have product. Use it for contouring and highlighting. I think out of two product, I loved this one more. A big thumbs up to it! (check here)

    Medium, Rs. 520

Nyx: Nyx has been around for some time now, the buzz about the brand has been huge. I picked only few products from it available at and Nyx stores.

  • Nyx dream catcher palette: I loved the colors, so I bought it. The swatches can be seen as below. This palette comes with a mirror and a dual tip applicator. Some colors are well pigmented and some not, they are quite dry and fall out while blending. Few colors look quite similar as seen. I have marked my favorite colors in the picture. It is an okayish palette! One way can be using it with other kinds of eye shadows. (check here)

    Golden Horizons, Rs.1225
  • Nyx shine killer: This is such a great product, I love it’s velvetish feel. It definitely kills your shine and gives a fresh matte finish. It can be used as a primer, alone or over your makeup. (check here)

  • Nyx lipstick: It is a beautiful creamy lipstick and has a frosty tint to it.  I rarely use frosted lipsticks, let’s see how it will look on me! (check here)

    Gardenia, Rs.475

Mac: This name is not new, I have been using it for long. But what is new! Mac is now available on So, I bought something I have not tried from this brand.

  • Mac extra dimension skinfinish: It is a highlighter with a fancy name (haha!). The pigmentation is superb and the color is gorgeous for night makeup. It is a great product for strobing! But yeah being Mac I wish the package came with a mirror (I think it is Kiko effect!). (check here)

    Double gleam, Rs.2600
  • Mac transparent finishing powder: It can be used for setting foundation or baking (which I will try first time!). I have not used it yet and I am excited to try it. (check here)

    Mac Prep+Prime Transparent finishing powder, Rs.2000

Natio natural radiance foundation: This product lives upto it’s name. It actually gives a luminous satin finish. I crave for foundations which feel like second skin and not a load on my face. This is exactly that! I got it in medium coverage and it gives a natural glowing effect to your skin. A big thumbs up! (check here)

Medium, Rs.1200

Revolution make up fixing spray: I bought it out of my urge to try makeup fixing spray. I have seen lot of youtubers using it, so hope it really gives the result as expected (yet to be tried). (check here)


The opinions can vary from person to person, these are as per my personal experience.

I hope you enjoyed the haul! I will be updating the second part also, so keep checking the space.

Live & Love,


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