Bag love is pure love!

What is it about bags which makes them so desirable? If anyone of you can answer that, please tell me. I have been questioning myself why I go head over heels whenever I come across this beautiful piece of art. Bag designing and making are an art which requires great imagination and craftsmanship to create a masterpiece. They are so alluring that you can’t resist but buy.  It is not just the clothing industry which comes up with trends every season but bag industry too!

Over the years the definition of a bag has changed drastically from just being a sack for carrying stuff to being a fashion statement. The evolution of bag style is majorly contributed by Italian and Parisian luxury giants like Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Chanel among few. They are the original masterminds behind this evolution and are my personal favorites. Though in today’s time many brands are foraying into the bag industry and are doing great work, the originals will always be originals!

The choice of a bag reflects your personality and taste. They have the power to make you look strong and influential as well as fun and adventure loving. From classic and sophisticated leather hobo bags and totes to quirky shapes and pop-up art bags! You choose as per your personality. Personally, I always try to balance, when it comes to luxury brands I prefer classy timeless pieces and to keep up with new trends I go for high street labels (that’s my way!).

So I am rounding off this blog with few latest bag trends which caught my attention. Here we go in a random fashion!

  • Cinch bags: Can I say they are the western version of our Indian potli bags, well I think so!
  • Strong handles: As strong as these handles are, so is this trend! Structure and shape have given a new identity to handles.
  • Pop up art bags: I think I wrote about this trend here and bags have done an absolute justice to this style.
  • Color blocked bags: Stark juxtaposing of the most unexpected colors makes them a standout.
  • Micro bags: You can keep a lipstick or two and may be some money in these dainty little bags. They definitely are head turners!

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These are my picks and definitely, that is not the end of the list, there is always room for more (never content!).

If I have missed out on a trend that you love, comment below!

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